Our Quality Policy

By means of taking basis the respect for people, being effective, productive and useful at all of the stages of the process spent in presenting the products and services on our activity area to our customers, forming an organization model which learns continously that the individuals take part with the acquired habit of self-development, working at the level of international quality and standards and maximizing the services we provide and the customer satisfation.
We herewith undertake to all of our employees and customers that we are loyal to this policy and we shall maintain the continuity.

Environmental Policy And Targets

ERS ÖRME, determined the following principles and targets as its environment policy in order to keep under continuous control and minimize the environmental dimensions resulting from the knitted confection production activities and also the potential negative influences of these environmental dimensions on the environment in order to maintain its conscious and responsible behavior towards environment and society.

  • The local, national laws and regulations and the international recommendations relating to environment shall be observed.
  • The necessary resources shall be provided by means of granting responsibility and authority to the necessary persons in order to establish and operate the Environment Management System.
  • The Environment Management System shall be reviewed continuously according to the changing conditions and periodically.
  • The environment performance shall be continuously improved by means of the Environment Management Plan.
  • The projects relating to the products and processes are prepared and the environmental effects shall be taken into consideration in implementation and then the risk of pollution shall be tried to be prevented properly.
  • The measures shall be taken in order to decrease the raw material usage as well as the natural resources such as electricity, fuel and water and energy saving shall be ensured and wastes shall be prevented.
  • The measures shall be taken in order to decrease our wastes which are formed during our activities and then its effects on the environment shall be reduced accordingly.
  • It shall be ensured to give minimum wastes to the receiver environment (air, water, soil).
  • Reuse or recycle opportunities shall be researched continuously and recycle shall be supported.
  • All of our employees shall be trained and consciousness shall be encouraged on the subject of environment.
  • Collaboration shall be ensured with the national, local official corporations, near industrial corporations and supplier companies and open communication shall be established on the subject of environment with all of the social stakeholders and shall be tried to enhance the environmental standards.
  • It shall be ensured to work in collaboration in order to realize such policy targets of all of the personnel employed in our company including the subcontractor personnel
  • The human health and environmental damages shall be minimized by means of decreasing the accident or emergency situation risks.

All of our employees and service providers are responsible for protecting the environment, supporting our projects at the stage of establishing and implementing Environment Management System, helping and ensuring its continuous development.

By means of this policy, we undertake to all of our stakeholders that the Environment Management System shall be observed and the system shall be maintained accordingly.

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