Rapid and High-quality Production, Powerful Organization

Our products are being manufactured with high standards in our Ers Örme Avcılar and Ers Örme Düzce Factories.


It has modern establishments which follow the technological developments closely and update its investment continously according to the needs of the sector and do not make any concession from high-quality standards.

By means of a very special team having high and fast capability skills with high knowledge build-up, production between 6 to 7 million is realized annually.

It is the primary choice of the world leader brands with its powerful and rapid organization approach.


30% of its production volume is composed of Colin’s and Loft which are the own brands of the group and also the world-leading brands such as Zara, Matalan, Orchestra, Tom Tailor, Lpp, Celio, Mark & Spencer, Next, New Look, Bestseller, Sainsbury, Undiz, La Redoute.

Ers Örme is approved by Inditex, Bestseller, Walt Disney and Sedex.

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