Our Human Resources department is established on the basis of forming an employee profile creating added value with high motivation and customer focus; developing the knowledge, skills and capabilities of its employees; putting forward its potentials, enabling them to show sustainable superior performance, orienting and developing them.

  • Placing correct persons on the correct jobs with our customer-focused approach,
  • Selecting those with higher potential within the structure of our company,
  • Ensuring the development and continuity of our employees,
  • Maintaining the effectiveness and productivity of the employees,
  • Enhancing the satisfaction level and commitment of the employees,
  • Giving the feeling to the employees that they are individuals of a family and they are considerably valuable,
  • Becoming the most preferred company for the employees having superior qualities on the textile area.

If you want to work in Ers Örme, then you can follow our announcements through the website or you can also share your resume at the e-mail address

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