Sıtkı Eroğlu who is a member of the Board of Directors of Eroğlu Holding was born in Aksaray on the date 01.01.1953 as the first child of Eroğlu family with eight (8) children.
Sıtkı Eroğlu who came to Istanbul in the year 1969 started his business life as an apprentice in a textile workshop which is situated in Cağaloğlu.
Sıtkı Eroğlu who had performed his compulsory military service between the years 1973 – 1977 and then returned to Istanbul again resumed his business life in the textile sector as a shareholder with his master where he worked as an apprentice in the year 1978. He had established his own workshop in the year 1982 as well. The workshop which firstly worked as custom production in the domestic market then started making production with its own brands. Ers Örme took its place on the area of knitted confection manufacturing with the leadership of Sıtkı Eroğlu, as one of the most successful companies of the Textile sector of Eroğlu Brothers in the year 1997. Ers Örme Company continues providing services with its leading brands throughout the world together with its own brands COLIN’S and LOFT in Avcilar district of Istanbul with its well-trained, dynamic and professional staff members. It targets at providing high-quality and customer-focused services in the knitted ready-made clothing sector by means of increasing the number of employees and production with a new plant which is established in Düzce Gölyaka in the year 2012.

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